The executive role with TBSC is to provide governance of our non-profit society and as a working board we also volunteer in roles that are operational to the club. Terms in each of the roles are two years. We welcome parents to attend our board meetings and learn more about the role the executive plays in operating the TBSC. 


Vacant - Vice President 


Dave Acal 

Dave Acal as member at large contributes to the club as the points north representative. He is a big believer that although competitive swimming is an individual sport we need to support team camraderie at every opportunity with the kids in our club. Growing up he was a football player and is learning all about competitive swimming through his daughter's involvement. 

Tracey Braam - Travel Coordinator

Tracey has two children involved with the club this season. One in bronze and one who is coaching our developmental swimmers. She is an active volunteer where needed and organizes hotel rates for out of town meets and the vitally important meet snacks. She works as an education assistant and thoroughly enjoys seeing children learning and pushing through their obstacles to succeed. 


Lisette Calkins - Clothing Coordinator

I am a respiratory therapist, lactation consultant, Maëlle and Sabine’s mom, and Vince is my husband. 
Last year I swam with the masters group, and Vince helped coach the green, red and and blue groups.
This year is Maëlle’s fourth season with the Bluebacks and she will be swimming in the blue group.   Sabine started at the end of last year and is in the green group.
My family and I moved to Terrace in 2018 in order to be able to spend more time outdoors together.  When we are not at the pool you can find us, biking the fun trails, hiking, swimming in the lakes, stand up paddle boarding, kayaking or snowboarding. 


Angie Coolin - Fundraising Coordinator 

Angie moved to Terrace August 2020. Her daughter joined the Terrace Bluebacks swim family last year. Taking every opportunity to learn about the club, Angie jumped at the chance to volunteer as the food coordinator for our at home a swim meets. When the option to apply as executive member was presented, there was no looking back. This swim club has quickly become one of her favourite entities and she looks forward to being apart of the existing club and seeing all the growth that will come. 

Sarah Grielens - Secretary 

Sarah has been cheering her two boys on from the pool deck since 2019. She joined the TBSC executive as secretary in 2021. Sarah has lived in Terrace since 2005 and works in the registrar office at Coast Mountain College. She loves the healthy sense of competition and self-discipline that swim club gives her kids. Go Bluebacks!


Sarah Meijer - Registrar 
​​​​​​​Member at Large 

Sarah Meijer swam with the TBSC as a kid, and now as an adult with the Masters program. Two of her children are also proud blue backs swimmers. When Sarah is not volunteering for her favorite swim club, you can usually find her up at Shames Mountain, or working at the hospital as a nurse manager.


Patricia Goldsworthy 



Karen McMurray - Chair 

Karen joined the TBSC in 2021 because she loves swimming. Her youngest child is currently a swimmer in the bronze program and her eldest is a retired TBSC swimmer. She swims and coaches in the Masters program and fills in here and there in the program on deck. She is a faculty member in the business program at Coast Mountain College. Her early working life was centred at the Massett Recreation Centre where she led aquatics programming and coached the Massett Eagles Swim club. 


Nola Sambo



Kelly Swain - Treasurer 

Kelly joined the TBSC board in August 2022 as the Treasurer. Her eldest daughter swims in the silver group and has been part of the Bluebacks since 2019. She also cheers on her niece and nephew who are in the silver and blue groups. Kelly was born and raised in Terrace and is an administrator at Coast Mountain College. Her experience with budgets and management is a skill set she happily brings to the TBSC board.