Fundraising gives us the ablity to offer a sustainable, high level atheltic swim program. We have used fundraising monies in the past to purchase equipment for swim meets, pay for workshops with elite athletes, and purchase our score board. Not only is it important to strengthen the club and make sure we are using the most up-to-date training programs, fundraising is an excellent way for the swimmers to engage with the community and build membership.

For the 23-24 season each swimmer is required to raise $450. 
A $150 fundraising deposit will be applied to each swimmer at the time of registration.
These fees will be reimbursed in the form of swim credit, to those who participate in fundraisers.

Mandatory Fundraisers 

There are two mandatory fundraisers to raise monies for the swim club.

1. Ticket raffle where each swimmer will be required to purchase TWO books of 20 tickets (at a value of $200). 

2. Swim-A-Thon  All categories of swimmers will be required to collect $100 in pledges whether they are participating or not.

Additional Fundraisers 

Fundraising opportunities will take place throughout the season for families to participate in. Please check this site and our facebook page for updates on these opportunities. If you have a specific fundraiser you are willing to lead or would like to see the club offer please contact the fundraising committee members.