TBSC Policies 

Alternate Dispute Resolution Policy - Adopted September 7, 2022

The Alternate Dispute Resolution Policy describes pathways to navigate disputes between parties who are agreeable to alternate resolution pathways. 

Appeals Policy - Adopted February 14, 2023

This policy provides the steps and guidlines for any partipant who is directly affected by a decision made by the TBSC that they wish to appeal. 

Athlete Protection Policy - Adopted September 7, 2022 

This Athlete Protection Policy describes how Persons in Authority shall maintain a safe sport environment for all Athletes.

Code of Conduct & Ethics Policy - Adopted December 18, 2019

The Code of Conduct & Ethics Policy describes how members of the club will conduct themselves with each other and with external parties. 

 Concussion Policy - Adopted March 14, 2023

This policy ensures club coaches, officials and members have an understanding of concussion incidents and how they should be actioned and considered. 

Discipline & Complaints Policy- Adopted February 14, 2023

The policy provides guidelines in how complaints about current and past members are handled by the club in regards to breaking the code of ethics and conduct. 

Financial Management Policy - November 9, 2023

This policy provides guidelines for oversight of the club financials including board and membership obligations. 

Privacy Policy - Adopted January 17, 2023

The Privacy Policy describes how the club will maintain and respect the privacy of members and assigns a privacy officer for the club, who is the club registrar. 

 Social Media Policy - Adopted March 14, 2023

The Social Media policy provides guidelines for membership on how to engage with social media and club intersections.